Should I Get Eyebrow Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

With personal service salons now open again in many locales, the choice of getting microblading, powder brows, eyebrow waxing, threading, and tinting now falls to you, the client.

Whether you get brow services during these challenging times depends on quite a few issues, and it can be hard to make a decision.  Here are some items to consider when sorting out your options.

Safety of the studio.  Do you trust your studio to use the utmost care?  Don’t hesitate to call ahead and ask questions about what they’re doing to protect you.

Cleanliness of the studio.  One of the top ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to keep the coronavirus off all chairs, surfaces, supplies, and instruments and to kill it if it happens to reach any of these places. Your studio should be clean, tidy, and disinfected.  You may be asked to leave all your personal items (such as your handbag) in your car to prevent spread of the virus.

Policies of the studio.  Procedures like requiring clients to pay online or by credit card (no cash exchange), taking clients’ forehead temperature, and requiring them to wear a mask before they enter the studio help make the room safer for everyone who enters it.  Staff should wear a mask and gloves.  Yes, these steps can be a pain, but you may also be able to relax more in this setting, knowing risks have been minimized.

Social distancing at the studio.   Salon owners can reduce the spread of disease by setting up physical barriers, spacing stations farther apart, allowing only actual clients inside, and asking clients to wait for their appointment in their car.

Urgency.  Do you really need an eyebrow service right now?  Or could you delay getting services for another month? for a few more months? indefinitely?  The answer depends on the individual, as long as she understands the risks.  Some people will cringe if a single eyebrow hair is out of place, and others rarely pay attention to their brows.  You may feel it’s urgent to have professionally styled eyebrows because an event like a wedding is coming up in the near future.  Or you may want to be well-groomed at this time because of the nature of your job.

Personal values.  Does having impeccable brows boost your mood?  Are beautiful eyebrows part of your identity?  These are factors to take into consideration when deciding about getting brow services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  But first you might want to consider if there’s anything else you can do for yourself or your appearance that carries less risk.

Alternatives available to you.  There’s no doubt brow technicians can produce stunning results for their clients.  Many have practiced their craft for years.  But for now, maybe you can try some simple brow maintenance yourself or get together with a family member or housemate and work on each other’s brows.  Of course, doing a decent job depends on a person’s patience, coordination, and willingness to try something new.  Tip:  To shape brows, try to avoid plucking, waxing, and threading and instead opt for clipping with a scissors.  Repeatedly removing an eyebrow hair by the root can damage and even destroy it.

Risks.  Here’s a brief summary from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about protecting yourself from COVID-19.  The virus is spread by human contact, and the CDC recommends keeping a distance of about 6 feet between yourself and people you don’t live with.  Of course, maintaining this distance from your eyebrow technician is impossible.  The CDC emphasizes that wearing a face mask, although a good practice, is not a substitute for social distancing.  Another heightened risk in a salon or studio setting is that transmission of the coronavirus appears to be higher indoors than outdoors.

Rewards.  As always, the payoff for getting microblading, PMU powder brows, threading, waxing, or tinting can be huge. Eyebrows are a key focal point on the face, and getting good quality brow services from a talented professional can help make you look your best and feel more confident.  Professional brow services can provide a real emotional boost, especially during these difficult times.

The balancing act.   With all the risks and rewards in mind, your decision comes down to a balancing act.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems the rewards for getting eyebrow services haven’t really changed so much as the risks have.  Because we’re always learning new things about the coronavirus, it’s important to have current, reliable information.  Then, look inward to consider your tolerance for risk. When you do this, think about your own health as well as the safety of the people you live with, if any.   In the locales where professional eyebrow services are available to the public, the choice about getting them is entirely your own.

My Decision 

With many personal care businesses up and running again, it’s now up to me to weigh the pros and cons of getting a service, make a decision, and be responsible for the consequences.

Is it safe to go out and get a brow service?  My opinion is that no one knows for sure.  To me, getting hair and brow services during this pandemic is a gamble.

In my case, because I have a few underlying health concerns and I’m living with people with serious health conditions, I’ve decided to wait until a point when the risk decreases further or there’s a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19.  (I know I might be in for a very long wait.)

My brows certainly aren’t the same now as when I had professional help.  When personal care businesses closed down, I missed the artistry and skill of the gifted professionals employed there.  (And the shutdown and slowdown have been a tragedy for them.)

I want to try to find a silver lining in all of this. I plan to make the best of this time away from professional care to learn and practice DIY approaches to having great brows.  I’ll share the results in upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please share them here!

All the best,



Disclaimer.  I wish I didn’t have to mention this, but here goes!  I’m not recommending that anyone get brow services in a public setting during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I’m simply presenting information for educational and entertainment purposes.  If you do decide to get brow services and you later become sick as a result, I’m not responsible for this outcome. Thanks and good luck, whatever you choose to do.


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