Men’s Eyebrow Trends

It seems that eyebrows have been getting their due as a facial feature.  There’s a near obsession with strong, striking brows.  Bold eyebrows aren’t just popular for women.  Bold is the current look for men as well.  A strong brow can change the whole appearance of the face and draw attention to the eyes.  It can accentuate the masculinity in a guy’s face.  But genetics and health challenges can limit the ability to grow lush brows.  Some people need a little help.

The world is changing in many ways, and male eyebrow grooming is part of this wave.  The men’s grooming and beauty industry is booming.  Men are now more willing to consider using products and procedures to get perfect male eyebrows.  Some men have been enhancing their brows for a long time, others are just getting started, and a lot of guys have yet to tamper with their brows in any way.

Of course, it’s fine for anyone to wear makeup or to go natural.  But shouldn’t the choice be free of the fear of stigma?  Even with recent social changes, men face pressure, based on traditional notions of masculinity, not to wear makeup or pay too much attention to their appearance.  But for many, men’s eyebrow grooming and eye makeup for men aren’t at all about being feminine.  They’re about bringing out a guy’s best possible look.

Wanting to look good and to have nice brows isn’t limited to any particular gender.  Women aren’t the only ones with sparse, patchy brows or stray or wild hairs.  Men are starting to realize the power of grooming and makeup to build confidence.  More guys than ever before are using male eyebrow shaping and eye makeup for men to look their best

What are some of the options men have nowadays to get amazing brows?


Just like women, men can benefit from eyebrow gels to enhance the shape of the brows and control brows with a mind of their own.  Men have been using pomades, creams, oils, and gels in their hair for decades, so is it really that different to put some gel on their brows?  Men’s eyebrow gel is simply another grooming tool.  One example of a brow gel marketed specifically to men is the Tom Ford For Men Brow Gel Comb, which features a built-in comb applicator and a hint of color to enhance thickness.  There’s also the Brant Brothers for MAC Clear Brow Set, a clear gel that comes with a spoolie brush.

Pencils and Powders

When it comes to eyebrow styles, men seem to enjoy a natural but strong and well groomed look.

For men, eyebrow pencil and powder can fill in patchy areas and help them to achieve a more masculine brow.   This article shows a dramatic before and after sequence in which men’s makeup expert Jamie-Jake fills in sparse areas and creates perfect male eyebrows with Clarins Eyebrow Pencil, Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift, and Illamasqua Brow Cake.   These products have traditionally been used by women, but there’s no reason they can’t be used as men’s makeup.

For people looking specifically for gender neutral products, more items are becoming available.  The beauty industry is starting to become more inclusive by offering products targeted to more than just one demographic.  Fluide, Jecca Makeup, and Panacea are a few brands that market to everyone, regardless of their gender or gender expression.  By using images, language and marketing messages that are gender neutral, the companies create a safer, more inclusive buying experience.

Specifically designated male eye makeup products have also become more available.  Chanel has created a makeup line for men that includes eyebrow pencil in four shades.  Its marketing states, “Beauty is not a matter of gender, it is a matter of style.”  Another popular line of eye makeup for men is Tom Ford For Men.

Plucking, Waxing, and Threading

These are techniques women have been using since ancient times to remove stray hairs and improve the shape of their brows.  An increasing number of men are plucking or getting services at a salon.  Men’s eyebrow threading and waxing popularity is increasing.   Male eyebrow shaping is popular.

But for men eyebrow shape is different than it is for women.  It can be tricky to style men’s brows.  When a man removes eyebrow hair or has someone else do it for him, he has to be sure that he’s getting the look he wants.  While some men may like a highly stylized look, many men prefer a very natural look that’s just neat and tidied up, a style that appears as if they haven’t had anything done to their brows at all.

Whatever your preference, it’s crucial to find a professional who does good work and listens well and to communicate exactly what you want.  Eyebrows occupy a prominent place on the face, and once they’re are gone, it can take a long time to grow them back.


Tinting is another option to create a well groomed look.  It might be used to correct for eyebrows that are too light compared to hair color.  Another use for tinting is to emphasize “invisible” (very light colored) brow hairs in order to make them more noticeable.  Tinting can create a stronger brow without having to resort to more extreme and expensive methods like microblading or eyebrow extensions.  Unlike makeup, tinting doesn’t smear or run.  Tinting is usually offered in a salon or brow bar and lasts for about six weeks before a touchup is needed.

Permanent and Semi-permanent Makeup

More men are showing up [LINK] for these services. This article explains that microblading for men is indeed “totally a thing.”  By getting permanent makeup, men can get fullness, symmetry, and definition.

A distinct advantage of getting eyebrows microbladed is that a man never runs the risk of having powder, pencil, or gel running down their face from getting wet or sweating.  This could be a real advantage for active guys who work out or play sports.

Other benefits are reducing the time needed to get ready every morning, never having to learn how to create brows with makeup, and being able to wake up looking great.


Eyebrow transplants (also called follicular unit extraction (FUE) surgery) can be life-changing for men who have genetic, hormonal, or health issues that cause them to lose their brows.

Eyebrows occupy a prominent spot on the face and convey emotions. Eyebrow loss can result in low self-confidence levels.  As a result, many people may dread or avoid social events and public appearances.

Men, especially, can be opposed to solutions such as cosmetics (because they may smear or run) or microblading/tattooing (because they fear the results will look obvious or feminine).  Of all the enhancements that can be made to eyebrows, transplants may be least likely to draw attention to sensitivity over the original problem.

As with other long-lasting treatments, it is essential to communicate in detail with the provider about the final result.

The procedure is very likely to last permanently.  It costs $________________.


Boys aren’t typically initiated as much as girls into beauty culture.  Guys may not raid their mother’s makeup drawer and experiment on themselves or their friends.  So how does a man learn to apply makeup so that it looks natural?

Judging by their popularity with tens or even hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, male makeup tutorials are a huge resource for guys.  The internet has its own men’s makeup stars, some of whom are building their own empires advising other dudes how to use makeup.  For lots of tips of interest to guys, check out Jake-Jamie‘s Instagram videos.

What Do You Think?

Things like eye makeup for men, permanent makeup for men, men’s eyebrow gel, and men’s eyebrow threading seem to be more than a trend.  Male eyebrow grooming is going mainstream.

What do you think?  Do you like the results of male eyebrow grooming?  Do you think it’s a movement that’s here to stay?  Let me know in the Comments section below, and I’ll be sure to respond.





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