DIY Brow Tinting at Home

Have you ever wondered about having your eyebrows tinted?  Maybe even tried having it done at a salon?  Or at home?  I’ve been curious about this process for quite a while. I finally tinted my eyebrows for the first time, and here’s what happened….


To show where I started, here are a few photos of my brows before tinting. (Note: I’m not wearing makeup or other products (wax, pomade, etc.) in any of the photos in this post.)

My natural brows before tinting

As you can see, my eyebrows are thinning at the tails and graying. 

Downward view, left brow

I’ve tried a few things to make them more striking and vibrant.  I’ve had microblading done and the color has faded a great deal.  But there’s still some pigment left and I’m not in a hurry to have the procedure repeated.

I’m always looking for the best way to boost my brows, so I decided to try tinting them at home.


I used an at-home coloring kit and prepared it according to the instructions. 

I put some oil on the skin surrounding my brows to reduce staining.  I’m glad I did that, but the tinting solution was so thick and creamy that it stuck to my brows better than I expected.

The solution didn’t give me the uneasy feeling it would run into my eyes.  It stayed put nicely, right where I wanted it.  

This photo shows my brows while processing.  

I followed the directions for the amount of time to leave the solution on my brows.  Because the solution was thick and white, it was difficult to see whether the gray hairs in my brows were darkening as time went on.  But leaving the solution on for about 10 minutes (the maximum time suggested in the tinting directions) was enough time in my case. 

There was minimal odor or mess involved in the DIY eyebrow tinting process, much less than what’s involved in home hair coloring, for example.


And now, the final results:

The overall difference is subtle but noticeable, at least to me.  I was very pleased with the change, especially considering the short amount of time and the low expense involved.

Before I colored my brows, some of the white hairs had been fading into the background of my skin and “disappearing” from view.  Tinting these hairs made them stand out again and gave me the appearance of having fuller brows.

An added benefit I didn’t expect was that my brows seemed softer and better behaved after the treatment.  Some of my brow hairs are quite coarse and wiry and have a weird growth pattern.  But after the tinting, they were more compliant. Yay!

As you can see in the photo, there was a bit of skin staining immediately after tinting (as also happens with general hair coloring), but the staining was gone by the following day.

As you can probably tell, I was very happy with the outcome!


The color I applied was supposed to be permanent, but it turned out to be semi-permanent. 

The brow tint did its job for almost a month.  After that, some gray hairs started to reappear.  Still, they were less noticeable than before the treatment.  My brows continued to be softer and more manageable for about two months.

Since this was my first experience coloring my eyebrows, I lack the perspective to know exactly why the tinting didn’t last longer.  It could be that brow hairs are more resistant to color or that brows get exposed to more potentially color-fading products than scalp hair.  I tried to minimize the amount of facial cleanser and shampoo that got on my brows, but of course avoiding all contact was impossible. 

I hope to update this post as I become more experienced with DIY home tinting of my brows, and I certainly welcome your opinions and suggestions in the Comments section.

If you try tinting your brows at home, please test the product first for allergies and use great caution not to get any solution in your eyes. Follow all directions carefully and keep those eyes beautiful and healthy!

And please share your results here. Good luck!

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